How to Determine Candidate Reliability During an Interview

November 27th, 2015

There’s a quote that says 90 percent of success is showing up. While that’s not exactly the result of scientific study, there’s no question that your projects won’t succeed if your employees don’t show up to work on them. It’s important that your interviews probe candidates for their reliability and their internal motivation and commitment to getting the job done. Try asking these questions:

  • What motivates you at work? Not every employee will be introspective enough to know their real motivations, but you want to hear answers other than jokes about “a paycheck.” It’s important to check whether what motivates the candidate matches the position they’re interviewing for. Someone who expresses the desire to learn new technology may not be well suited for a company that is a late adopter; someone who enjoys helping people may not be right for a position that’s more about the technology than the users.
  • What workplace was most satisfying to you? When a candidate’s had more than one job, you can find out what they liked or didn’t like at the different places they’ve worked. If the ones that they liked most are similar to your environment, they may be a good fit.
  • Why do you want this job? The first question talks about the candidate’s motivation in general; this one talks about the specific opportunity and lets the candidate describe how it suits them. If the candidate sounds genuinely enthusiastic about the position, if they sound excited about the opportunity, there’s a good chance they are eager to tackle the work.
  • How do you see your career developing? If the candidate’s chosen career path is simply not feasible at your business, you shouldn’t expect the candidate to stick around too long. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not right for the current position, but once the candidate’s developed the skills they need for the next step on their ladder, they’ll move on.

You don’t have to rely solely on your assessment, either. Ask the candidate’s references how they rate their reliability and motivation. They should be able to give you specific examples that help you judge whether the candidate would work well within your environment.
A staffing agency can also help you find reliable candidates. They’ll have pre-screened potential employees and can make sure you only spend time interviewing candidates who’ll fit well with your organization. Contact InReach IT Solutions for help finding reliable employees who’ll show up and get the job done.