Overcoming Today’s Top Hiring Challenges

May 15th, 2015

Keeping a business running and growing requires finding and keeping employees dedicated to their jobs. In today’s workplace, companies face more hiring challenges than ever, especially in the highly competitive information technology field. Here are the three top hiring challenges you may face in 2015.

Finding the Best Talent

The job market is more splintered than ever, with multiple means of searching for candidates. It isn’t enough to post a job opening on your website. Employers need to have a brand that speaks to job seekers as well as customers. Developing that brand requires utilizing multiple channels, including the corporate job site, social media sites like Facebook, professional networking sites like LinkedIn, and possibly even sites like YouTube. These sites can also be leveraged to find passive job candidates.

Hiring the Best Talent

Once you’ve found the ideal employee, you need to convince them that you’re the ideal employer. Because of the upturn in hiring, job candidates have more options open to them. Convincing the candidate to choose you may mean increasing salary offers or adding bonuses. You may want to offer relocation assistance to attract workers from outside your local area. You may also choose to hire workers on a freelance or contract basis, rather than as permanent employees.

Keeping the Best Talent

Turnover in technology staff has always been high. Today, mobile search makes it easier than ever for employees to learn of new opportunities, so you may have to take extra steps to retain your staff with larger raises, bonuses, or benefits. Keeping technical staff doesn’t necessarily require paying them more; IT workers are often motivated by challenge, so the opportunity to work on a big project or with new technology can persuade them to stay.

You may also want to take measures to retain older workers, as more baby boomers reach retirement age. While technology is often driven by youthful inspiration, older workers have valuable experience. Some baby boomers might prefer to reduce their work hours rather than retire completely, which allows you to leverage their expertise when bringing in newer staff.

Get Help

Locating, screening, and hiring the best employees is tough. Get help from a company that knows how to match the right candidate to the right position. Contact InReach IT Solutions to find out how we can help you.