Social Media and Your Company

October 23rd, 2015

Does your company look at a potential candidates’ social media profiles? Many companies do. So it shouldn’t surprise you to learn it works the other direction too: Candidates look at companies online to learn about them and decide whether it would be a good place to work. To make sure your company makes a good impression, you need to look at your online presence through a job seeker’s eyes.

Your Own Website

Start by looking at your own website, specifically the “careers” section. It’s important that the site makes it easy for candidates to search and apply for jobs, but if that’s all that’s available, you’re missing out on an important recruiting tool. Go beyond just listing your open jobs. Describe your company culture, values, and benefits, so job seekers have reasons to want to work for you. Make it real by adding videos showing real employees at work, and let them talk about why your company’s a great place to work. If they have genuine excitement about the company, that will come through and be appealing to job seekers.


LinkedIn is a great place for you to search for candidates; your own LinkedIn page should appeal to job seekers who have searched for you. Like your own website, don’t limit yourself to posting open jobs. Use it as a platform to sell your company culture.

Take advantage of your employees who are on LinkedIn, as well as your company page. Encourage your employees to have LinkedIn profiles that include their current position with you. They can let their network know you are hiring. They may be contacted directly by job seekers who find them on LinkedIn, so be sure they know how to respond when that happens.

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are more casual mediums. Facebook lets you sell your brand in more general terms — you usually wouldn’t focus too much on careers here. On Twitter, you keep things brief out of necessity. Tweet job postings and direct candidates to your site or LinkedIn to get more info. If your employees are active on Facebook or Twitter, they can post job announcements to their own pages to get the word out.

InReach IT Solutions uses our social media savvy – plus traditional recruiting methods – to find top quality job candidates.  Contact us to find out how our services can help meet your staffing needs.