Hiring Top IT Talent in Dallas-Fort Worth

December 14th, 2015

Finding top technical talent has always been challenging, but in the second half of 2015, it’s getting even tougher for employers in Dallas-Fort Worth. Almost 1/4 of hiring companies reported that they plan to do additional hiring, specifically to expand their IT teams. Another 2/3 said they would fill open positions, while 0 percent—zero—said they would cut staff. That means when companies need to find new employees, not only are they competing with a large number of other companies to attract job seekers, there will be fewer people seeking jobs due to staff reductions.

Demand is expected to be especially high for network and windows administrator jobs, as well as PC support staff. On the developer side, projects related to security and website development will be the focus for many business IT teams.

The Benefits of Working With a Staffing Agency

Because of the competition to find the best candidates in this job market, companies that work with specialized staffing firms will have an advantage in recruiting. Staffing agencies know how to word job descriptions and make them appealing; they know where and how to publicize them so the right technical workers will see them.

The staffing agencies have large networks and relationships with candidates, including those they’ve placed previously who might be open to making a move. The agencies are also skilled at identifying new candidates through effective searching on sites like LinkedIn and in-person recruiting at events. They have the time to woo passive job seekers and turn them into an active candidate. Agencies are able to screen candidates and send only the most qualified to an employer, reducing wasted time during the interviewing process.

Staffing agencies specializing in IT recruiting can help the employer understand the current job market and create reasonable expectations regarding how long it will take to fill a position and the type of candidates on the market. Agencies have knowledge of market salaries and benefits that employers may lack; sharing this information can help the employer make a competitive offer to win a candidate.

The Benefit of Working With InReach IT Solutions

InReach IT Solutions is a boutique staffing agency focused on information technology hiring in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area. With more than 20 years experience in IT and recruiting, we have the expertise to find the specialized IT talent organizations need. In today’s competitive hiring market, our expertise could be the competitive advantage that helps you fill your staffing needs. Contact us to learn how we can help.