Finding Top IT Talent

June 19th, 2015

There’s constant turnover in the tech industry, so companies are consistently in the position of needing to hire tech talent. Finding the right person means searching wide, searching deep, and searching for people who aren’t looking for a new job but would be ideal for your position.

Before starting your search, be sure you know what you’re looking for. Knowing the specific technical skills the job requires will make targeting your search easier. It’s also important to be clear whether the position is for a junior developer or an experienced professional. You’re likely to find them in different places.

In either case, after identifying a likely candidate, be sure to do an in-depth screening process that includes tests of specific skills as well as interviews. Anyone can put a string of acronyms on a resume – and some can even bluff about their level of experience during an interview – but having to answer detailed questions with compile-able code demonstrates true mastery of the skill.

Go Wide

You’ll find a broader pool of candidates if you utilize the entire range of social media, as well as real-life means of publicizing your opportunity. Use your company’s platform on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to list job openings, and also to sell your company as a great place to work. Be sure your social media sites appeal to tech folks, not just the customers for your product or service.

Your tech employees are likely to have friends in tech at other companies, and they are another means of publicizing opportunities in your business.

You should also go wide geographically; the ideal employee may not live in your neighborhood, but that doesn’t mean they can’t work for you. Technology today makes working remotely completely practical, and it’s something you should consider for the ideal hire.

Go Deep

Look for specific skills in the online communities where people with those skills hang out. Tech bloggers and active contributors to tech forums demonstrate their knowledge even before an interview. Active contributors to open stack projects demonstrate their passion and interest in the subject.

You’ll also find real-life communities filled with tech experts in meetups or attending conferences and trade shows. Hackathons draw individuals with a passion for development.

Get Help

Working with a staffing firm like InReach IT Solutions means you don’t have to figure out your recruiting process by yourself. Contact us to find out how our experience can help you find your next employee.