Should You Hire a Candidate who Doesn’t Interview Well?

December 28th, 2015

Interviews are part of the hiring process, but that doesn’t mean they should be the only factor in your hiring decision. Particularly for technical positions, you should rely on other factors besides interviewing skills when deciding to make an offer. After all, you aren’t hiring the candidate to answer interview questions. You’re hiring them to write or test code or perform other technical tasks. Communications skills may not matter as much as their technical ability. Use these other ways to judge whether they can do the job:

  1. Ask them to solve a problem. Answering technical questions doesn’t demonstrate the practical abilities the candidate has nearly as well as having them solve an actual problem. Ask them to write some code, design a database schema, or write a test case. Step out of the room and let them work on the problem the way they would if it was really their job. You could even have them tackle a real problem from your current project. After they finish writing the code, schema, or test case, go over it with them. If it’s perfect, that’s great. But almost nobody’s work is perfect. See how the candidate reacts to suggestions or questions about how to improve it. This will give you a sense of what they’ll be like to work with as team members.
  1. Take references seriously. These days, many employers won’t let references do more than confirm that the candidate once worked for them, but try to get more information from the reference than that. You want to find out about the projects the candidate worked on and the problems they solved. The more details you can get about the nature of the work and the way the job seeker tackled the challenges, the more you can get a feel for whether they would fit well in your organization.
  1. Consider their involvement in technical organizations or continuing education. If the candidate is involved in technical organizations or continuing education, that suggests a commitment to remaining technically current. Would your department benefit if the candidate shared this knowledge with the team?

Interviews are important, but they’re just one source of information during the hiring process. Work with  InReach IT Solutions to make sure candidates are fully evaluated and you end up with a great new employee.

What are Today’s Top Candidates Looking For?

September 4th, 2015

With the improved economy, job seekers have more options than ever before. They won’t take just any job; they’re looking for the right job.

Financial Rewards

Let’s get money out of the way first. Absolutely, money is a factor in a candidate’s decision to accept a job offer. A hefty paycheck is nice; so are other financial benefits like 401K plans with company matching. Companies that want to attract top candidates should allow participation immediately, not wait until a probationary period is complete.

Comprehensive Benefits

Despite the Affordable Care Act, many people prefer insurance through their employer, so offering medical, dental, and vision benefits is still important. While the FMLA requires unpaid leave, companies can draw top candidates by offering paid leave for maternity, paternity, and other life events.

Work-Life Balance

Paid time off and flexible work arrangements – varied schedules and allowing work from home options – let employees manage their personal and work obligations.

Positive Company Culture

It may not be easy to make the “work” part of work-life balance as enjoyable as the non-work part, but companies need to provide an environment where people are happy to spend their time. Create an atmosphere where people are respected not just for their contributions to projects, but also for their opinions on other matters affecting the business. The physical environment matters too; the company’s site doesn’t need to look like the pages of a design magazine, but it should be cheerful and appealing enough to not turn off candidates.

Exciting Projects

Particularly in technology, where the industry changes so rapidly, top candidates want to work with new technologies on exciting projects. Companies that are rigidly adhering to old technology and old methodologies will have a harder time attracting the best candidates.

Opportunity for Development

Top candidates want to keep growing. This growth can come in different forms: through mobility in the workplace providing the opportunity to work on a variety of projects; through a career ladder in the workplace encouraging the development of leadership skills; and through support for training and continuing education.

InReach IT Solutions will help you find job candidates who are looking for the opportunities and rewards your business offers. Contact our expert recruiters today to learn more about what top candidates want, and how you can attract them to your firm.