The Value of a Staffing Partnership

September 11th, 2015

Most big companies have an HR department. Even small companies have to have someone on hand to answer employees’ questions about benefits and policies. Not all companies have recruitment specialists as part of their HR team, and for those that don’t, the value of working with a staffing agency is obvious. Even for those companies that have their own recruiters, working in partnership with a staffing agency provides many benefits.

Reach the right prospective employees.

The Internet makes it easy to reach out to a wide audience. The Internet also makes it easy to shout into a wilderness. With all the online channels available, it’s difficult to know how to focus your efforts to get results. Recruiters are experts in using different social media and other platforms to connect with candidates who would be interested in working for you, and have the right skills to contribute. Staffing agencies know how to word a job description to make it stand out and attract the right candidates. The agencies also have the time to invest in recruiting passive job seekers who might not respond directly to a job listing.

Do thorough pre-screening.

Companies often receive a very large number of resumes in response to job listings. Not all of those come from qualified candidates. Staffing agencies are skilled at filtering resumes to identify the candidates who have the appropriate qualifications, reducing the number that company staff need to review. Good staffing agencies don’t just pass on all resumes that look good on paper; they speak with candidates first, doing a phone screen that confirms qualifications and assesses non-technical communication skills. The hiring company doesn’t waste time reviewing resumes and conducting interviews with unqualified candidates.

Speeds the process.

Staffing agencies have address books stuffed with the names of prospective hires. While they can get your job listed on multiple sites, they don’t have to wait for candidates to respond. They’ll go through their own lists of contacts and reach out directly to people they’ve worked with in the past who might be a good fit for this new opportunity. When companies maintain a partnership with a specific agency, the agency understands the company’s culture as well as the job role, and they’re able to focus on individuals who will fit in.

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