Building Loyalty Among Your Workforce

August 28th, 2015

Do your employees show up and do what’s expected? Or do they go beyond your expectations to drive projects to success and make customers happy? You need the second type of employee if your organization is really going to thrive. To get that kind of performance, your employees need to see their work as more than just a job—they need to see themselves in the organization and feel that its success is their success. That kind of loyalty doesn’t just happen. Here are four tips to help your business proactively build loyalty among its employees.

Hire the Right Workers

If you hire an employee whose values don’t mesh with those of the organization, they’ll never really fit in and you’ll never get their loyalty. Some developers want to always work with the latest and greatest technology. If your business values stability in its product line and introduces new technology slowly, they’ll quickly become frustrated and move on. You also should consider whether the potential hire has a history of changing jobs frequently. That’s a clear sign they don’t hold being loyal to their employer as a key value.

Invest in Your Employees

If employees see you bring in outside workers every time a new skill is needed, they will feel you don’t value their development. Similarly, if every time a management opportunity opens up, you fill it from outside, they’ll think there’s no viable career path within the company. On the other hand, if you train workers in new skills—technical, interpersonal, and managerial—and promote from within, employees will see that the company values their abilities and experience.

Let Your Employees Do Their Jobs

A large part of loyalty is a two-way street of respect. When employees are micromanaged, they feel you don’t trust them to do their jobs. Instead, make sure employees know what you expect, give them the tools, and step out of their way.

Demonstrate Clear Leadership

It’s hard to be loyal to an organization when it isn’t clear what it stands for. The company’s management needs to demonstrate that they know what they’re doing. Share the company’s plan for growth and success with employees so they see where their contributions fit in. For people to treat work as more than just a means to a paycheck, they need to understand what the real goal is. Provide an inspirational vision the company and its employees will work towards together.


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