How to Determine If an IT Candidate Will Thrive in Your Culture

April 15th, 2016

No matter how technically qualified a candidate is, if they don’t fit in with the company culture, they are likely to leave soon to find an environment where they feel more comfortable. To avoid high turnover, it’s important to spend time during an interview discussing the company culture with the candidate and assess whether they’ll be a good match.

Assess Which Cultural Factors Are Important

Just as you consider which technical skills are required and which are optional, evaluate your project’s culture to decide which cultural factors are the most important for a candidate to fit in. Make sure you consider both the company’s stated values and the unstated culture that comes from the way things really get done.

Help the Candidate Evaluate Your Culture

Take time to honestly describe the company culture to the candidate. The candidate will probably have a sense of the company culture from the company’s reputation and what they see on your website. Take time to let the candidate know the specific environment around the project they’ll be working on. This will let candidates evaluate the environment for themselves and minimize the chance they’ll be disappointed if they accept an offer.

Ask the Candidate About the Culture at Their Previous Jobs

If the candidate has had more one than position, ask them to describe two company cultures and which one they felt most comfortable with or where they were most successful. You’ll be able to compare that environment to the environment at your business.

Recognize the Value of Diversity 

Be conscious of the potential for bias when considering how candidates will fit in. It’s important to focus on personalities and not characteristics like race or gender. Not only is discrimination illegal, it deprives your project of the insights that come from having a different background or life experience than everyone else on the team.

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